SRI Strategic Risk Institute - Fit for Future in Risk Management

SRI is the independent advising Top-Expert organization steered by previous Chief Risk Officers of renowned corporations.

Everything we do, we believe in making organizations and decision makers Fit for Future in Risk Management - fast, simple and bespoke.

Our result strengthens the future readiness, results and viability of corporates, projects, investments and organizations.

Our services enable savings of time, costs and nerves for decision makers as well as reduction of personal liability.

Our customers profit from our very broad experience in a wide variety of sectors and company sizes both as responsible managers and consultants.

Our work is purely result-oriented and based on speed, empathy, agility and focus.

For that we offer tailor-made solutions relating to Opportunity and Risk Management, based on a combination of extensive practitioner and consultant experience.   

Expert Tips and Informationen from Leaders for Leaders and Managers in Opportunity/Risk Management


Independent Advisory for Boards, Decision Makers

  • Moderation of decision maker workshops
  • Strategy strength, situation awareness, execution excellence
  • Fit for Sustainable Future - when new and important shall be achieved
  • Recognizing & developing opportunities fast, while mastering risks

(Enterprise) Risk Management

  • Maturity with regards to standards: DIIR2, PS340n.F., PS981, etc. respectively with good practice
  • Taylor-made RM/ERM-Systems (design and integration)
  • Optimizing single elements (e.g., risk strategy, -analysis, -evaluation, -reporting, RM culture)
  • Risk aggregation (Monte-Carlo-Simulation) and risk-bearing capacity/rating
  • Individual risk profile, decision preparation and support

Good Governance, GRC

  • Synergies between separate governance functions
  • Design and implementation of Good Governance and GRC
  • IT-tool benchmark, selection, implementation 

Rent a Risk Manager

  • Interim management
  • Risk management as a service - outsourcing

Erfüllung neuer gesetzlicher Anforderungen

  • StaRUG, § 91,93 AktG, §43 GmbHG, LkSG, FISG, Business Judgement Rule, Good Governance, etc.
  • Analysing the individual requirements and the bespoke need for action
  • Conceptualizing practice-oriented and fast execution 
  • Focussing on value

Project Risk Management, Due Diligence/M&A

  • Professional risk advisory in projects and transactions (M&A), operational due diligence
  • Preparing of risk profiles, determining overall risk, evaluating the value at completion risk based
  • Continuously supporting projects for project quality and project risk management
  • Reviewing critical projects, lessons learned, strategic optimization

ICS and holistic Process Optimization

  • Analyzing business processes
  • Demonstrating optimization potential
  • Implementing important controls

Training and Education

  • In-House 
  • Seminars, simulation-games, webinars



Appropriately managing opportunities and risks is decisive for competitive strength and success, yet also for failure, crisis and viability of corporations, projects and organizations - no doubt about that!

However, many times the excellent potential of risk management is not recognized, prioritized or mobilized. Instead companies tend to regard it rather as bureaucratic formalism and onerous compulsory exercise, with limited value. Being aware, lawmakers have recognized a call for action and request companies to satisfy ever increasing requirements. 

Our support between these poles

As previous Chief Risk Officers of renowned companies (DAX, MDAX, CAC40), combined with our broad consultancy experience, we have deep knowledge of most differing setups. We apply a broad spectrum of good/leading-practice-solutions and provide a good feel for what makes best sense and is possible in the respective situation.

Practical realization

With this we are best prepared to develop - together with you and according to your individual challenges - a custom-fit target picture, to guarantee a pragmatic implementation and to make you Fit for Future in Risk Management.

On demand, we support as interim manager, e.g., to prepare going public or as outsourcing partner for risk management.